cosplay bootsThe term “Cosplay” is a Japanese combination of the two words that are costume and role-play created by Nobuyuki Takahashi from Studio Hard who attended the 1984 World Science Fiction Convention in Los Angeles. He was thoroughly overwhelmed by the costumes worn by the fans and thus formed the term.

Best in style Cosplay Boots

The boots vary from simple to highly detailed ones according to the customers’ need. Cosplay Boots play an important role in the world of Cosplaying. It puts forth great style and the character which is being enacted, available in all colors and sizes. The boots enhance the overall costume worn by the character. Generally the Cosplay House costumes are different from Halloween and are worn to reflect or replicate the characters in comics or movies or may be in video games. Read More

ACC3705Wearing a proper outfit according to the occasion serves as a necessary requirement. Most of the buyers are lured by the way an outfit looks instead of the materials used in its making. Christmas brings with itself festivity and joy and therefore to make the most of this festival, it is imperative to wear an appropriate costume that can last for years to come as well looks stylish.

The outfits that incorporate the blend of polyester and cotton are likely to last longer and provide comfort to the user. The Christmas Cosplay Costumes are made using durable materials and are available in a variety of necklines as well as sizes, whether in short length, such as tunics and long length in the form of gowns, depending upon your convenience.

ACC3708There are numerous online stores that offer Christmas costumes that are very appealing as well as very cheap. However, they may disappoint you in matters of fitting and their use for years to come. The cosplay Christmas costumes are ahead of their competitors in quality as well as designs. Cosplay Christmas costumes are made in consonance with the attest trends in fashion and provide a proper fit to the user. Keep in mind that even the slightest variation is easy to see from a naked eye. Christmas is a special occasion that requires special outfit that will enable you to live the most of this occasion and make memories that are worth cherishing.

Christmas costumes, Santa Cospaly Costume Versions, Christmas Cosplay costumes, Winter Sale

The season of Halloween is on the verge of end, but the season of costumes isn’t. We’re very close to Christmas and Christmas costumes are making people go all crazy about the festive season. Santa, his reindeers, snowman, elves are coming to our site on a huge cariole of a wide variety of costumes. CosplayHouse has introduced a signature series which are mass-produced. Cosplay House is exclusively giving 30% off on Winter Sale.

Cosplay House Costumes:
Christmas-santa-cosplay-costume-03-005Cosplay House is an online Shop house in Southern California selling around 9000 products for animated cartoon characters to movie characters.

Cosplay costumes are hand-made and are not manufactured in bulk. Costumes are tailor-made and made as per the orders received upon the measurements provided by the customers. Our costumes ensures your festival be super fun and memories to be cherished. The costumes are available in different versions in a wide variety for different choices.

Winter Sale:
Christmas Costumes , Cosplay Christmas Costumes Winter sale up to 30% is on for the Santa Cosplay Costume Versions. 15 trendy and colorful Santa costume versions are available for every taste. The costumes we design are stylish, funky; designed according to the taste of modern customers who love to experiment with their looks. A number of varieties are available in different styles. The costumes are trendy, fresh and modernized, giving you the real Santa look and add a charm to the Christmas parties and get-togethers.

At Cosplay House, we ensure:

  • Protects the privacy of customers.
  • Payment methods applicable: Credit cards, PayPal, Money Orders(only for domestic users)
  • Processing time for costumes: 3-5 weeks on an average
  • The delivery is available within 2-3 days for the domestic customers and 6-10 days for the orders from international customers from the date of shipping.
  • 30% off on Signature Series costumes.

halloween night

It’s that time of the year again, when you can look your eerie best and yet enjoy it with people dressed scarier than you. It’s Halloween!! People have started carving scary faces on pumpkins and transforming their homes into haunted houses… it is that time of the year when scary creature of ghosts, ghouls, mummies, Frankensteins etc. hit the street at the break of the dusk and attempt to gather candies rather than scaring people. This fun filled festival has been celebrated all across the world for years now, mainly because of the plenty of fun activities to do during this festival. And anyways, the whole idea of looking like something scary and visiting door to door, collecting candies is the sweetest paradox ever.

halloween night costumesHalloween is a festival that was originated in Samhain. It was celebrated as an ancient Celtic holiday, when people would take to the streets in costumes, lighting bonfires and warding off ghosts at a time when days grow shorter and nights grow longer. However it has now transitioned into a community-based fun event of trick-o-treating.

There are some things that will always be a benchmark of  the festival such as, carved pumpkins, witches, vampires, candies and…. COSTUMES!!

Isn’t it the best part to decide what you would be, what you want to look like this Halloween?!! ACM6813Whether to be a cute Korean animne character or a scary looking Frankenstein? Seems to be a question people generally think about… people generally opt for the latter, getting a chance to look pretty and yet dramatic to maintain the spirits of the festival. People, especially the ones who’d be in a Halloween themed party on Halloween night, want to look good and yet stunning or different from the usual. This is when Cosplay house steps in.

Providing you with the trendiest cosplay for Halloween, Cosplay house offers, a wide range of stunning, fashionable outfits to suit your preferences. Anime characters have always been a popular choice amongst youngsters who want to look like they’re just out of an anime series.

halloween costumes, halloween cosplay costumescosplay costumes , halloween costumes saleHalloween has always been one of the most awaited events of the year. It is the day on which, the whole USA acknowledges those who died while serving for the country. And for this reason, the theme of all Halloween parties revolves around the humor and tease to confront the power of death.

The more hideous your costume is, the closer you get to the theme. Dressing up like Zombies, Vampires,  Killer Clowns or  Monsters may sound super scary and creepy but once you are sure with the idea, there is nothing more interesting and at times hilarious than getting ready for it.

Show Your Colors On Memorable Day:
Make Halloween the most memorable day as you show off your red, whites and blues. Apart from choosing the best Halloween character for you, it is always a great idea to spruce it up with a little something extra apart. From fake blood to scary wigs and bloodcurdling shoes, all these together will give you the desired disguised look.

Essentials for Halloween Costumes:-
•    Experiment with your costumes: Update your masked look and style like your favorite character this Halloween, be it any anime character or Harley Quinn from the Batman series. We have all the ingredients to make your Halloween party unforgettable.
•    Give your hair some flair: Halloween is the time to experiment with your hair but it is just not advisable to give drastic look to your lovely natural hair. For that matter, Halloween wigs are the best rescue.
•    Enter into the scare fest with right shoes: No costume is complete without the perfect shoes. And when it comes to Halloween night – a pair of terrifying shoes is a thing you cannot afford to miss.
•    Complete the look with Props: The props that will complement your attire may vary from a gun, scary hand in red, human skull, etc.

Cosplay House: A One Stop Destination

cosplayhouse, cosplay storeCosplay house is one of the leading online stores that offer all the Cosplay essentials and accessories without burning a hole in your pocket. The product list here includes everything you may need for perfect attire. Threaten your fear with fun with Cosplay House. It is up for all the Halloween orders till October 13.

Summary: Place your orders for your favorite Halloween Character at Cosplay House – Known to offer superior quality  wigs, costumes, shoes and props, all at one place. They also offer international shipment options for the convenience of our customers.

Order a wig for your favorite cosplay character at Cosplay House. Known to offer best quality and extremely soft to touch wigs, Cosplay House offers customized, skin-safe wigs with international shipment options.

Halloween: A Gala Time

2015-halloween saleHalloween is a time of carnival where you adorn your favorite disguised look to scare the evil spirits with ghastly costumes. Halloween marks the end of summers. It’s time to adorn a ghostly look, brushing up your pumpkin carving skills and enjoying the festivities on this Halloween! It is a fun way to enjoy as adults and children dress up alike on this special occasion.

So the spectacular scare fest aka Halloween is approaching and you still haven’t decided about your disguised look??

halloween costume for kidsIn this fast pace life it becomes difficult to take out time to choose your favorite costumes, wigs for your kids and decide how to adorn them perfectly. Don’t wrack your brain much as we are here to share some outstanding tips to have a safe-yet-spectacular Halloween for your kid. So, let’s get started with number one:

•    Always try choosing costumes for your kid that are light in color as they are easily visible during night. Add glow-in-the-dark tape on the costume and props, which your kid will be carrying.

•    Buy flame retardant costumes. If making your costumes yourself, then craft it with nylon or polyester.

•    Let your kid adorn wigs that do not cover his mouth, eyes, or nose.

halloween costume kids•    Instead of masks, try face paint as wearing masks can be troublesome for the little ones. Do not forget to do a patch test on your kid’s skin when using non-toxic paints.

•    Hang a name tag with address and phone number on the child’s costume.

•    Do not allow your kid to wear high heels or over sized shoes as they are prone to tripping.

•    Take care that the props and wigs they carry are short and flexible.

A Leading Online Destination for All Types of Cosplay Supplies


Cosplayhouse contributes greatly to Cosplay essentials and accessories. Cosplayhouse is one of the leading online destinations when it comes to quality-conscious cosplay materials. All the products like wigs, props, shoes, and costumes are tailor-made. On the occasion of Halloween you can avail 20% discount on shoes and wigs, while 30% discount on signature series is offered by Cosplay house.

cosplay wigs, cosplay character wigsWant to transform into your favorite character from the anime series like Akame ga Kill, Alice Nine, Angel Santuary or Bakugan Battle Brawlers? Donning a cosplay attire and most importantly a cosplay wig is a perfect way to do so.

To represent a particular ideology, cosplayers dress up as motley characters and their costumes are based mainly on cartoon characters, television series, movie casts, and video games. Cosplay wigs provide an overall perfection to the look of any character.

Significance of a Perfect Cosplay Wig

A great costume is incomplete without a wig. For that perfect look, it is essential to have the right hair i.e. wig, which goes well with the look of the character. To look great in your disguised character costume always try to order wigs according to the character you are portraying. Wig sellers generally have different wigs of the same animated character, so it’s best to do an extensive research. Cosplay character wigs allow you to flaunt the perfect hairdo without wasting your precious time on styling. These versatile wigs are easy to maintain and impart you the perfect look that best suits the character.
cosplay wigs
Importance of Made to Order Cosplay Character Wigs

When talking about Cosplay wigs, user’s wish is placed at the top in the priority ladder. The process of adorning the wig is not very demanding. It is worth the bucks you invested on the wig. These wigs are easily available in the market, but we suggest you to buy such wigs from a cosplay specialist store. If you are meticulous about how the strands of artificial hair or wig look after the second or third usage, you should go for stands like peg mounted wig stands as they keep the wig intact. These stands are available at affordable prices at stores and are very popular.

So, next time when you need to sport a disguised look adorn the right, natural-looking wig to create a prim-n-proper look. Wig is indispensable in creating the look of any animated cosplay character.