Vocaloid -- Hatsune Miku cosplay Costume Version 15

Vocaloid is so charming and lively that they have not faded away even after the arrival of so many other attractive characters. The most popular Vocaloids are Hatsune Miku (first Japanese Vocaloid), Akaito, Hatsune Mikuo, Aoki Lapis and these are the characters which are mostly imitated by cosplayers. If the question of how to prepare for Vocaloid Cosplay is stopping you from participating in your cherished event, then this conversation is going to guide you well in easy steps. So let’s begin:

  • Step1. Finalize the Character in your mind:

At first, draw an idea about which character out of Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Len, Kagamine Rin, Shion Kaito, Sakine Meiko, and Megurine Luka will suit you the best and then choose the one your mind pushes you to be. On the other hand, you can also make up your own Vocaloid character, but he/she should be super ‘Sugoi’.

  • Step2. Have Your Haircut Like Your Character:

To get into the avatar of your favorite Vocaloid getting a haircut similar to that character is a sensible option. A lot of them have very peculiar hairstyles while some like Rin and Meiku have comparatively common hairstyles. You can try Vocaloid Cosplay wigs to give your hair a tremendous look!

  • Step3. Sing Like A Robot Does:

Vocaloids sing like robots, practice well by trying auto-tuning your voice and then try mimicking it.

  • Step4. Practice Using Japanese Phrases In Your Speech:

You can use some popular phrases like Kawaii, Baka, Sugoi, Watashi WA in your speech or you can practice more using translators.

  • Step5. Wear the right Vocaloid Cosplay Costume:

If you are going to be like ‘Miku’ then wear a black skirt and a gray shirt with a light blue colored tie and you can wear them more often to get into the mindset. On the day of your participation, dress yourself in real Vocaloid costumes to portray yourself in the best way.

  • Step6. Learn to dance like Vocaloids:

Remember that if you really want to make people convinced that you are real then you should dance really well. Start practicing with easier ones like the Lucky Star, Hare Hare Yukai and Gangam style.

  • Step7. Start acting like the vocaloid personality:

You should not stop acting like your vocaloid personality until the difference between the chosen character and your own personality fades away completely.

  • Step8. In anime convention don’t stop pretending even for a while:

So here comes the last step. On the participation day, wear the exact costume like your Vocaloid and sing well and try to dance with the flow. Don’t reveal your real name and make them to wonder who you really are!

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If you are a fan of cosplaying, you must know how much fun it is to portray your favorite character or superhero. From Batman to Superman or Disney princesses, Cosplay allows you to live like your admired superhero or movie character. This is probably the reason why this art of costume playing has become popular across the globe and even social media websites are flooded with people flaunting their Cosplay avatars. In order to get into the ‘act’, you need everything proper- right from the cosplay costumes to the Cosplay shoes.

These days, there are a number of online vendors supplying a comprehensive range of tailor made Cosplay costumes and accessories. The challenge here is to identify a dependable Cosplay online store that caters to your needs in the most hassle-free manner. We will highlight some basic Cosplay propositions that the online store must offer so that you do not have to run around for arranging everything from wigs to Cosplay boots.

Check out the Selection of Cosplay Costumes on Offer

There are simply endless choices in terms of the characters that you can play and so the Cosplay costumes offered are also aplenty. See if the online Cosplay store offers the basic signature Cosplay costumes and dresses from the latest popular series like the Game of Thrones or Resident Evil so that you do not buy something that is outdated these days.

Cosplay Shoes are Equally Important

To don the avatar of your favorite character, Cosplay boots or shoes are equally relevant. Do not opt for an online store that just offers the Cosplay costumes as you will have to search for shoes from a different vendor. Naruto shoes and Lolita footwear are highly prevalent these days. Going without proper Cosplay shoes is not an option at all!

See if Your Online Cosplay Store Offers the Relevant Cosplay Props

You cannot become an anime cat without the ear Headwear, nor can you justify the role of Captain Buggy without your marine hat. Buy from an online store that offers all the Cosplay props at a reasonable price so that you can transform into a superhero without any hitches.

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Cosplay is the merger of two terms, costume and play and is a type of performance where the participants are dressed in fancy cosplay costumes, wigs, and props and they try to behave like one of their fantasy characters from cartoons, movies, comics or videogames. Cosplay may be of two types- basic cosplay and masquerade. Basic cosplay means to look like a particular character while masquerade is a broader term, involving attempts to act like the real character would behave. Here we have listed some interesting facts about Cosplay that you must know about:

  • Cosplay has bigger connotations: It is not that cosplays are confined to anime and manga characters only. The real fact is that you can choose any character that you like or that you have dreamed about. So, sending your kids to Halloween is also a form of cosplay.

  • Live Action Role Play’- an interesting game: Another fun aspect is the LARP i.e. Live Action Role Play. In this, you create, dress and act like your own character instead of acting in a pre-made character. The main difference is that, in LARP cosplay you are pretending to be someone that you made up. So, it is entirely your creative stint. This is fun, because you are not a part of the game, but you created the game.

  • Without photographers, cosplay is nothing: While you are cosplaying and just enjoying the feel of your character, do ensure that there is a good photographer to click you in your best avatar.

  • It is more than a hobby: Cosplay is not only a hobby for some people but a way of life for some. Yes, the addiction for this fun and engaging activity is so much that the enthusiasts save money for participating in the cosplay events.

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Cosplay is about attending an event where people dress as one of their favorite characters from cartoon movies, TV series, video games or movies. It is indulging oneself in a fantasy world and experiencing the feel of that particular character. It is more than a hobby for some people as they treat it as their way of life by saving every single penny only to participate in a cosplay event.

Let us highlight some of the latest trends that are popular in the Cosplay world:

  • Game of Thrones The attires of the characters of Game of Thrones are gorgeous and have a medieval charm. This is the reason why Game of Thrones costumes have become a rage among cosplayers.

  • Marvel and DC comics: Many movies of Marvel like Avengers- age of Ultron, Ant-man, Deadpool and the TV series of DC comics like Arrow and the Flash have caught attention worldwide. Their costumes are elaborate and hence, many cosplay enthusiasts like to don the avatar of DC comic heroes.

  • Disney Movies: The popular movies of Disney like Maleficent, Cinderella, Frozen, and Big Hero 6 have some peculiar characters, as one of them is the evil role played by Angelina Jolie. The cosplayers, especially girls, would be very much excited to be dressed in these characters because of their uniqueness and fancy looks.

  • Anime: We have found that most cosplayers like cute magical girls. The reason is that they are look attractive and fun unlike some horrible characters that are scary to look at.

  • E3 games: The characters of Assassins Creed: Unity and Persona 5 are the most popular among cosplayers because of its fantastic costume designs, symbols and everything which is just perfect for a cosplay event.

With the growing popularity for cosplay participation among people, the demand for cosplay items like costumes, contact lenses, wigs and props has also gone up. Online shopping for cosplay costumes and other accessories has some advantages and probably you would also like to go for buying it online. But before proceeding, we suggest you to go for buyers’ feedbacks about the particular retailer. Cosplay house is a good option having a wide selection of tailor made costumes at competitive prices.

Cosplay Costumes

Cosplay is a short term used for “Costume playing” which is a rising modern contemporary art form in which people dress as their favorite characters from Amines, manga, movies, video games and television which includes characters. One has to copy the characters entirely from head to toe, hence, it is very important to get your Cosplay outfit entirely correct. In this discussion we are going to talk about some popular Cosplay trends of 2016 which caught the eyes of most of the people during Thanksgiving and Halloween and will probably be seen at the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations as well.

The Taylor swift Cosplay Costume created a lot of Buzz this 2015

The “Bad blood” video of this 25 year old singer was all over the music channels in 2015 which topped all the music charts as well as the Cosplay costumes from the videos were all over the place at every major Cosplay costume celebration. Girls with great interest drew inspirations from some kick ass characters featured in the video like “Destructa X,” “Mother Chucker,” “Forstbyte” and “Homeslice”

The Jurassic world inspired many Cosplay outfits of 2015

The ever charming and watchable Jurassic Park series is close to everyone’s heart and decided many Cosplay costume trends this 2015. People with great love Cosplayed Indominus rex, a regular old Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Raptor trainer and Owen Grady. These Cosplay trends were all over the place during Halloween and thanksgiving celebrations.

Minions filled the slots of Amine Costumes

The ever so cute and ever so loving Minions were also among the top Cosplay trends of 2015. Everybody from adults to kids lovingly Cosplayed as these yellow colored cute creatures with their rugged track pants and Goggles. The Minions costumes were the most searched and easily available costumes online in 2015.

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Signature Series Costumes

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  • Power Ranger Cosplay- Huge fan of power ranger superheroes? Then be one and pick up your super hero costume and this time save the party from turning into a boring one.

  • Pokémon Cosplay- All that plays on your T.V whole day long is Pokémon? New year is the perfect time to bring Pokémon’s characters live. Arrange a Pokémon theme party and choose the best outfit for yourself from Cosplay.

  • Marvel Comics Cosplay– Are Marvel Comics all over your study table? Be the next Captain America, Black Panther or Miss Marvel and get all these characters out of the comic.

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General Wigs -- Synthetic Wigs - Light Pink Long WigsCostume play commonly known by the name “Cosplay” is a character driven Art which derives its inspiration from different characters from cartoons, movies and television that are popular in the mainstream media. People use colorful costumes, props, wigs and Cosplay accessories to play their favorite characters. While cosplaying it is important that everything should be perfect right from your hairs to your shoes. It is imperative to wear the right kind of wig that should also be given the right kind of care. The Cosplay wig that you are using should go along with your costume. We are here to give you some essential tips how to use, care and rightly preserve your wig.

How to carry a Cosplay Wig with elegance?

Whenever you are about to wear a Cosplay Wig, make sure that the front and the back of the wig should be at the right position. While slipping the wig on your head make sure that it completely covers your hairline and end towards the neck. The wig should be comfortably adjusted on your head and should not be too tight. If you are not too comfortable with the wig, you can use Velcro tabs for adjustment.

How to wash and style Cosplay wig?

In order to properly maintain your wig you should get a separate wig brush for your wig. You can shampoo your wig with cold water and gently wash it. Make sure that you rinse your Cosplay wig gently and do not rub it rigorously while washing. Do not use hair dryer on your wig as it may deteriorate the quality of the wig hairs.

To get the right kind of styling for your wig hairs, liquid mousse is the only right product to be used which gives you curly or wavy styles with precision. For straight hairs, gently brush your wig.