Popular Cosplay Costumes Trends of 2015

Posted: January 2, 2016 in cosplay costumes, Uncategorized
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Cosplay Costumes

Cosplay is a short term used for “Costume playing” which is a rising modern contemporary art form in which people dress as their favorite characters from Amines, manga, movies, video games and television which includes characters. One has to copy the characters entirely from head to toe, hence, it is very important to get your Cosplay outfit entirely correct. In this discussion we are going to talk about some popular Cosplay trends of 2016 which caught the eyes of most of the people during Thanksgiving and Halloween and will probably be seen at the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations as well.

The Taylor swift Cosplay Costume created a lot of Buzz this 2015

The “Bad blood” video of this 25 year old singer was all over the music channels in 2015 which topped all the music charts as well as the Cosplay costumes from the videos were all over the place at every major Cosplay costume celebration. Girls with great interest drew inspirations from some kick ass characters featured in the video like “Destructa X,” “Mother Chucker,” “Forstbyte” and “Homeslice”

The Jurassic world inspired many Cosplay outfits of 2015

The ever charming and watchable Jurassic Park series is close to everyone’s heart and decided many Cosplay costume trends this 2015. People with great love Cosplayed Indominus rex, a regular old Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Raptor trainer and Owen Grady. These Cosplay trends were all over the place during Halloween and thanksgiving celebrations.

Minions filled the slots of Amine Costumes

The ever so cute and ever so loving Minions were also among the top Cosplay trends of 2015. Everybody from adults to kids lovingly Cosplayed as these yellow colored cute creatures with their rugged track pants and Goggles. The Minions costumes were the most searched and easily available costumes online in 2015.


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