Interesting Facts About Cosplay You Must Know

Posted: January 28, 2016 in Cosplay, Cosplay wigs, Uncategorized


Cosplay is the merger of two terms, costume and play and is a type of performance where the participants are dressed in fancy cosplay costumes, wigs, and props and they try to behave like one of their fantasy characters from cartoons, movies, comics or videogames. Cosplay may be of two types- basic cosplay and masquerade. Basic cosplay means to look like a particular character while masquerade is a broader term, involving attempts to act like the real character would behave. Here we have listed some interesting facts about Cosplay that you must know about:

  • Cosplay has bigger connotations: It is not that cosplays are confined to anime and manga characters only. The real fact is that you can choose any character that you like or that you have dreamed about. So, sending your kids to Halloween is also a form of cosplay.

  • Live Action Role Play’- an interesting game: Another fun aspect is the LARP i.e. Live Action Role Play. In this, you create, dress and act like your own character instead of acting in a pre-made character. The main difference is that, in LARP cosplay you are pretending to be someone that you made up. So, it is entirely your creative stint. This is fun, because you are not a part of the game, but you created the game.

  • Without photographers, cosplay is nothing: While you are cosplaying and just enjoying the feel of your character, do ensure that there is a good photographer to click you in your best avatar.

  • It is more than a hobby: Cosplay is not only a hobby for some people but a way of life for some. Yes, the addiction for this fun and engaging activity is so much that the enthusiasts save money for participating in the cosplay events.

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