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Alice in Wonderland is about a girl named Alice who is troubled by a strange recurring dream and mourning the loss of her beloved father. Alice being nineteen years old attends a garden party at Lord Ascot’s estate, where she is expected to get married soon. Being young and innocent, Alice did not know how to reply and was very confused. She ends up running away to chase a white rabbit which leads her into a rabbit hole which she falls into, which leads her to a place called Underland. There she meets many people such as the rabbit and hears about a legend where an Alice is supposed to slay the Red Queen’s Jabberwocky on the Frabjous day and restore the White Queen to the power. She ends up being “the Alice” and ends up putting the White Queen back into power. Then she drinks blood to return home to return to her regular life. After she comes back she takes charge of her life and becomes very successful by becoming Lord Ascot’s apprentice.

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Alice in Wonderland is the name of a novel written by author Lewis Carroll. His book tells the story of young girl named Alice who falls into a rabbit hole and into a fantastic world of strange and exciting creatures. The story begins with Alice sitting near a river when a clothed white rabbit runs by her. Alice follows the white rabbit to a rabbit hole where she suddenly starts falling and finally finds herself in a hallway with several locked doors of different shapes and sizes. Through one of the doors Alice is able to see a very inviting garden but she is too big to fit through the small door.

After finding a key Alice drinks a bottle of liquid labeled “Drink Me” and shrinks to a size small enough to fit through the door, however, she is now too small to reach the key that she has found. In a small box Alice sees a container with small cake in it marked “Eat Me” and eats it hoping that she will grow back to normal size. Alice does grow in size again but she grows so large that she reaches the ceiling. Nonetheless, Alice can now pick up the key but, once again, is too large to fit through the small door leading into the garden. Alice begins to cry until there is a large pool of tears around her but now the white rabbit has returned.

Alice asks the white rabbit for help but he is so frightened that he runs away. In his haste, the white rabbit dropped a pair of gloves that he had been holding and Alice picks them up and begans fanning herself. This causes her to shrink again until she is the perfect size for going through the small door, only now the key is still resting on a table where she found it. Alice then slips and falls into the pool of her own tears.

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