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Cosplay or costume play basically came from Japan, but from the past few years, it is making huge headlines in the entertainment industry mainly in the West. The growth in Cosplay costumes has gone to another level and is facing a huge success. Today, there are many types of costume Cosplay like Disney Cosplay, Naruto Cosplay etc., which are making people crazy across the world. Apart from just playing as the character, there are many fans who want to be the character, dress like them, look like them, move like them, act like them and even pose like them. The fans want to bring these characters to life by playing their part on their own.

Who can Cosplay?

Well, everyone can. Irrespective of the fact that who you are, where you live, how you look like or what you do for a living, if you want to Cosplay you can Cosplay.

Why Cosplay?

Cosplay is an excellent platform which allows you to learn new skills and expand your creative side. Apart from this, Cosplay brings people together. You wear your favorite Cosplay costume, you go to the event and meet new people. Isn’t it amazing? Cosplay is the best way of socializing and finding other people of same interest. It is also a wonderful way of being a real life superhero.

How to choose a Cosplay?

The most interesting way of choosing a character is to make a list of those characters which you have been watching or reading and you think to yourself “they’d be fun to Cosplay”. When you choose a Cosplay costume it also gives you the motivation to do justice to the costume.

Which is the most popular type of Cosplay Costumes?

Inspired by the Naruto characters, Naruto costumes are getting a lot of fame these days. People are more interested in Naruto Cosplay costumes and they are going crazy over it too.

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Cosplay Costumes

As more RPGs are making their presence felt in the entertainment industry, Cosplays have become more mainstream across the west. The art of costume play has its origin in Japan, but has become equally popular in the USA and other countries over the past decade. Social media is flooded with people posing as their favorite superhero, movie villain or game character. The first step that goes into the act of cosplyer is finding the right Cosplay costume as it is after completing the physical look that the player actually starts to act and behave like his chosen character.

Here is the list of 5 Cosplay Costumes that you must try if you are a Cosplay enthusiast:

  1. Joker of The Dark Knight Batman Series– Classics never fade away and who can forget the Joker from the Dark Knight Series. So, shed your inhibitions and get ready to paint your lips red and wear those black gloves along with the Cosplay costume. ‘Why so serious?’
  2. Anime Costumes– Inspired from Japanese Anime and Manga, anime costumes are rapidly becoming popular among cosplayers mainly because there are so many looks that you can try. Whether you want to engage in Kurumi Cosplay or are looking for Kaname Tousen Cosplay Wig, you can find all anime costumes at an online Cosplay store with ease.
  3. Bayonetta– This playful personality is adored by cosplayers and it is her subtle charm that captivates all. Try a Bayonetta costume with those nerdy spectacles and we assure you that you will get a thumbs up from all.
  4. Star Wars Costumes– This classic series is still admired and with the latest Star Wars movie, it has gained the attention of cosplayers yet again.
  5. Spartacus– You can never miss the quirky and edgy outfits of the Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Girls can try Naevia Cosplay Costume to make an instant impression.

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Alice in the Country of Hearts -- Boris Airay Cosplay Costume Version 01

Cosplaying is fast gaining popularity across the globe, especially in the West where folks love to don the avatar of their favorite movie character or superhero. A lot goes into the making of a successful act of cosplay, the first necessity being the perfect cosplay outfit. Apart from your personal skills and ability to impersonate a particular character, it is actually the costume that makes an instant first impression. Of course, you cannot be Superman without your cape or Catwoman without those black, catty ears and eye mask. So, for a cosplayer the first and foremost step is getting the outfit right and matching it with the desired accessories and props.

Is Buying Cosplay Costumes Online a Good Idea?

There is no dearth of online stores or even brick & mortar showrooms that offer costumes for role play. However, it is the quality, service and range of products on offer that makes the difference. These days you can easily find trusted online cosplay stores that offer a comprehensive range of cosplay costumes and accessories and that too at very competitive prices. From the famous Marvel comic series to Naruto cosplay, Anime, Vocaloids and Signature Cosplay Costumes you can find everything under a single roof, with the added convenience of shopping from the comfort of your home. The best known cosplay stores even offer tailor made outfits so that you look your best in your cosplay avatar.

In fact, you can depend upon an online cosplay store to fulfill your needs of cosplay wigs, shoes and props. Most of the time these cosplay stores offer special discounts or come with special sale offers which can help you save some precious dollars. If you are a little skeptical about ordering online due to safety concerns then you need to shed this inhibition because reputed stores online have a very secure payment policy and all the payment methods are verified. With the customer friendly return and replacement policy, you can always get your costume or accessory exchanged if you have ordered something wrong by mistake.

Where Can You Buy Cosplay Costumes at Reasonable Prices?

Although, there are several websites that deal in these costumes, some like have created a name for themselves by offering an all-inclusive range of tailor made cosplay accessories, outfits, prop, wigs and shoes at reasonable prices. Visit Cosplayhouse to have a look at the collection.

Dungeon Fighter Online -- Mage Cosplay Costume Version 01

Short for ‘costume play’, Cosplay is fast gaining admiration as a fun group activity where people dress up as popular characters from books, movies or video games. The origin of cosplay is believed to be in Japan during the early 90s. Costume playing has become popular among people across the globe, to an extent that image sharing websites like tumblr and imgur are flooded with cosplay photos and this term keeps trending on Twitter every now and then.

Understanding the Art of Cosplaying

While cosplaying you need to portray a fictional character and sometimes completely identify as that character, so, the right costume along with the necessary props and accessories becomes imperative. Since, cosplay has made its way into pop-culture quite dominantly, it is obvious that Cosplay enthusiasts are on the lookout for reasonably priced cosplay costume, wigs and shoes. While you can always go to a costume shop for buying cosplay costumes a better option is to explore the choices offered by an online retailer who can supply tailor-made products within a reasonable time span.

From Batman to Phantom- Be Your Favorite Character Anytime!

Some of the most prevalent cosplay costumes available online include 11 eyes, 666 Satan, High School Musical, Disney Movies, Naruto costume, Game of Thrones, Barbie, Brave Story, DC comics, Pirates of the Caribbean, Phantom, Resident Evil, Prince of Persia and many others. From signature cosplay costumes to Naruto shoes and Cosplay accessories you can get anything made-to-order from some of the recognized online retailers. All you need to do is read some customer reviews on the website to get a clear idea about the services offered.

People cosplay for different reasons- from love of the character to simply enjoying attention by being in an elaborate costume. Whatever be you motivation for donning the cape or spandex, it is best to shop at a trusted online store so that you can explore all the choices under a single roof.

Naruto Cosplay CostumesGet transformed into a Naruto for the upcoming Naruto Cosplay event and impress everyone with offbeat Naruto accessories and Naruto inspired look. Getting the quirky and the attention grabbing look for the event might be a demanding task, but not anymore as you can go out and grab the eyeballs with Naruto Cosplay costumes. Go through the entire article to get best styling tips on correctly using the props as they can assist you to achieve the desired look.

Outfit: Get into the Skin of your Favorite Naruto

Get dressed in your favorite anime Naruto character by getting into its skin or costume, to be more specific! One reason behind the popularity of the anime series is their highly styled characters, therefore it’s essential to wear the right outfit while imitating the look to do justice to your character.

Makeup: To add fine details and Signature Strokes to Styling

If you are a perfectionist then add more details to your look with makeup. Make up can enhance the look to a great extent and can eliminate the difference between the actual character and you. With face make up and Naruto Cosplay wigs you can acquire the exact Naruto aura. Add funky spikes and wigs in multiple bright colors such as electric blue, green and violet as they can well complement your overall attire.

Must-Have Naruto Accessories

Naruto shoes are of high significance as they are the signature element through which one can recognize the look. One cannot afford to miss out on Naruto Cosplay boots. The Naruto footwear is highly stylish and you can team it up with any color outfit. You can also opt for overcoats to intensify the look. All the Naruto inspired outfits and accessories are available in quirky prints and bright colors, which is the essence of Naruto styling.

One more thing can give you the desired look and that is Naruto headbands. Step out in style and confidence with a Naruto headband. Buy the right attire to turn on the Naruto mode. So, if you are heading for Naruto Cosplay, and desire to leave a bold impression on the people out there, then dress up and behave like a real Naruto.

Alice in the Country of Hearts -- Boris Airay Cosplay Costume Version 01Fellas who are fond of imitating or mimicking their favourite movie character find cosplay as the best platforms to express themselves and have fun at the same time. Costume plays bring pleasure to people who like the Cosplay culture. In the past few years, cosplay have become part of the popular culture, especially in the West and anime character’s Cosplay is one style that is quite prevalent among the folks.

When talking about Cosplay culture, your cognizance about the often varying style trends can be kept aside. There is variety of anime Cosplay costumes, wigs and shoes that are meticulously crafted for the leisure activities or weekend getaways. The costumes are available at reasonable prices for anime lovers in some of the leading online stores that cater to the need of different buyers.

Lovers of anime embrace some of the rules when it comes to anime outfits. These outfits, shoes and wigs are strictly crafted on the basis of fashion and style shown in the plays and movies. Imitators or those who have assumed the role of their favourite anime character expect to look exactly same as the personated characters. The Cosplay fashion trend is getting a notch higher day by day and new and fresh styles appear in reputed anime shows each passing day. To get the perfect look you need to don appropriate Anime Cosplay Costumes and anime Cosplay shoes.

When we compare usual style clothing with these themed dresses, it might seem weird, but those who regularly participate in the Cosplay events simply love dressing up as their favourite anime character.

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Vocaloid -- Hatsune Miku cosplay Costume Version 15

Vocaloid is so charming and lively that they have not faded away even after the arrival of so many other attractive characters. The most popular Vocaloids are Hatsune Miku (first Japanese Vocaloid), Akaito, Hatsune Mikuo, Aoki Lapis and these are the characters which are mostly imitated by cosplayers. If the question of how to prepare for Vocaloid Cosplay is stopping you from participating in your cherished event, then this conversation is going to guide you well in easy steps. So let’s begin:

  • Step1. Finalize the Character in your mind:

At first, draw an idea about which character out of Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Len, Kagamine Rin, Shion Kaito, Sakine Meiko, and Megurine Luka will suit you the best and then choose the one your mind pushes you to be. On the other hand, you can also make up your own Vocaloid character, but he/she should be super ‘Sugoi’.

  • Step2. Have Your Haircut Like Your Character:

To get into the avatar of your favorite Vocaloid getting a haircut similar to that character is a sensible option. A lot of them have very peculiar hairstyles while some like Rin and Meiku have comparatively common hairstyles. You can try Vocaloid Cosplay wigs to give your hair a tremendous look!

  • Step3. Sing Like A Robot Does:

Vocaloids sing like robots, practice well by trying auto-tuning your voice and then try mimicking it.

  • Step4. Practice Using Japanese Phrases In Your Speech:

You can use some popular phrases like Kawaii, Baka, Sugoi, Watashi WA in your speech or you can practice more using translators.

  • Step5. Wear the right Vocaloid Cosplay Costume:

If you are going to be like ‘Miku’ then wear a black skirt and a gray shirt with a light blue colored tie and you can wear them more often to get into the mindset. On the day of your participation, dress yourself in real Vocaloid costumes to portray yourself in the best way.

  • Step6. Learn to dance like Vocaloids:

Remember that if you really want to make people convinced that you are real then you should dance really well. Start practicing with easier ones like the Lucky Star, Hare Hare Yukai and Gangam style.

  • Step7. Start acting like the vocaloid personality:

You should not stop acting like your vocaloid personality until the difference between the chosen character and your own personality fades away completely.

  • Step8. In anime convention don’t stop pretending even for a while:

So here comes the last step. On the participation day, wear the exact costume like your Vocaloid and sing well and try to dance with the flow. Don’t reveal your real name and make them to wonder who you really are!

Cosplays teach us that there are no limits to our fantasies. Yes, you have every reason to be enthusiastic about Vocaloid Cosplay. While buying wigs, costumes and other accessories go for reputed sellers like Cosplayhouse so that you do not miss any chance to leave a flaw in your performance.