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The term Cosplay is short for ‘costume play’ which is basically the art of impersonating famous movie, cartoon, comic or television characters by wearing elaborate costumes and accessories just like them. Cosplayers present themselves as a specific character and act & behave in a manner similar to the chosen character. Cosplay traces its origins to Japan and therefore most of the characters are inspired from Japanese and East Asian media, including anime, graphic novels, manga, comic books and video games. Other inspirations include movies, fantasy music stories, Visual Kei and unique objects from cyberspace that are capable of creating a dramatic effect.

What is Needed for Successful Cosplay?

Cosplaying is more of a subculture where cosplayers reenact the scenes from their favorite series or invent likely behavior inspired by their chosen character. From the cosplay outfits to wigs, shoes and props attention is paid to the smallest detail so that there is no flaw during the time of performance. Let us highlight the most popular cosplay acts and their inherent characteristics:

  • Vocaloid Cosplay– The popular Japanese characters have become a rage among cosplayers and owing to their incessant charm, they are still popular even after the arrival of so many other cosplay characters. The most popular Vocaloids are Hatsune Miku (first Japanese vocaloid), Akaito, Hatsune Mikuo, Aoki Lapis and most of the cosplayers like to imitate these eccentric characters. You can find the vocaloid costumes and accessories at a reputed online store.

  • Naruto Cosplay– The famous Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto is a popular choice among cosplayers too. Naruto Uzumaki is the most loved Ninja and cosplay enthusiasts frequently don his avatar complete with Naruto shoes and accessories.

  • Anime Cosplay– Animated Japanese characters with their eccentric costumes and eclectic charm are trending in the cosplay world, even in the West. Whether it is Tsukasa, Itsuki Minami, or Kurumi, each character has its own charm and a distinct look. If you are trying to impersonate an anime character, make sure that you have everything from the outfit, to wigs and props like wands just perfect for your anime cosplay.

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Naruto Cosplay CostumesGet transformed into a Naruto for the upcoming Naruto Cosplay event and impress everyone with offbeat Naruto accessories and Naruto inspired look. Getting the quirky and the attention grabbing look for the event might be a demanding task, but not anymore as you can go out and grab the eyeballs with Naruto Cosplay costumes. Go through the entire article to get best styling tips on correctly using the props as they can assist you to achieve the desired look.

Outfit: Get into the Skin of your Favorite Naruto

Get dressed in your favorite anime Naruto character by getting into its skin or costume, to be more specific! One reason behind the popularity of the anime series is their highly styled characters, therefore it’s essential to wear the right outfit while imitating the look to do justice to your character.

Makeup: To add fine details and Signature Strokes to Styling

If you are a perfectionist then add more details to your look with makeup. Make up can enhance the look to a great extent and can eliminate the difference between the actual character and you. With face make up and Naruto Cosplay wigs you can acquire the exact Naruto aura. Add funky spikes and wigs in multiple bright colors such as electric blue, green and violet as they can well complement your overall attire.

Must-Have Naruto Accessories

Naruto shoes are of high significance as they are the signature element through which one can recognize the look. One cannot afford to miss out on Naruto Cosplay boots. The Naruto footwear is highly stylish and you can team it up with any color outfit. You can also opt for overcoats to intensify the look. All the Naruto inspired outfits and accessories are available in quirky prints and bright colors, which is the essence of Naruto styling.

One more thing can give you the desired look and that is Naruto headbands. Step out in style and confidence with a Naruto headband. Buy the right attire to turn on the Naruto mode. So, if you are heading for Naruto Cosplay, and desire to leave a bold impression on the people out there, then dress up and behave like a real Naruto.


Cosplay is the merger of two terms, costume and play and is a type of performance where the participants are dressed in fancy cosplay costumes, wigs, and props and they try to behave like one of their fantasy characters from cartoons, movies, comics or videogames. Cosplay may be of two types- basic cosplay and masquerade. Basic cosplay means to look like a particular character while masquerade is a broader term, involving attempts to act like the real character would behave. Here we have listed some interesting facts about Cosplay that you must know about:

  • Cosplay has bigger connotations: It is not that cosplays are confined to anime and manga characters only. The real fact is that you can choose any character that you like or that you have dreamed about. So, sending your kids to Halloween is also a form of cosplay.

  • Live Action Role Play’- an interesting game: Another fun aspect is the LARP i.e. Live Action Role Play. In this, you create, dress and act like your own character instead of acting in a pre-made character. The main difference is that, in LARP cosplay you are pretending to be someone that you made up. So, it is entirely your creative stint. This is fun, because you are not a part of the game, but you created the game.

  • Without photographers, cosplay is nothing: While you are cosplaying and just enjoying the feel of your character, do ensure that there is a good photographer to click you in your best avatar.

  • It is more than a hobby: Cosplay is not only a hobby for some people but a way of life for some. Yes, the addiction for this fun and engaging activity is so much that the enthusiasts save money for participating in the cosplay events.

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Cosplay is about attending an event where people dress as one of their favorite characters from cartoon movies, TV series, video games or movies. It is indulging oneself in a fantasy world and experiencing the feel of that particular character. It is more than a hobby for some people as they treat it as their way of life by saving every single penny only to participate in a cosplay event.

Let us highlight some of the latest trends that are popular in the Cosplay world:

  • Game of Thrones The attires of the characters of Game of Thrones are gorgeous and have a medieval charm. This is the reason why Game of Thrones costumes have become a rage among cosplayers.

  • Marvel and DC comics: Many movies of Marvel like Avengers- age of Ultron, Ant-man, Deadpool and the TV series of DC comics like Arrow and the Flash have caught attention worldwide. Their costumes are elaborate and hence, many cosplay enthusiasts like to don the avatar of DC comic heroes.

  • Disney Movies: The popular movies of Disney like Maleficent, Cinderella, Frozen, and Big Hero 6 have some peculiar characters, as one of them is the evil role played by Angelina Jolie. The cosplayers, especially girls, would be very much excited to be dressed in these characters because of their uniqueness and fancy looks.

  • Anime: We have found that most cosplayers like cute magical girls. The reason is that they are look attractive and fun unlike some horrible characters that are scary to look at.

  • E3 games: The characters of Assassins Creed: Unity and Persona 5 are the most popular among cosplayers because of its fantastic costume designs, symbols and everything which is just perfect for a cosplay event.

With the growing popularity for cosplay participation among people, the demand for cosplay items like costumes, contact lenses, wigs and props has also gone up. Online shopping for cosplay costumes and other accessories has some advantages and probably you would also like to go for buying it online. But before proceeding, we suggest you to go for buyers’ feedbacks about the particular retailer. Cosplay house is a good option having a wide selection of tailor made costumes at competitive prices.

halloween night

It’s that time of the year again, when you can look your eerie best and yet enjoy it with people dressed scarier than you. It’s Halloween!! People have started carving scary faces on pumpkins and transforming their homes into haunted houses… it is that time of the year when scary creature of ghosts, ghouls, mummies, Frankensteins etc. hit the street at the break of the dusk and attempt to gather candies rather than scaring people. This fun filled festival has been celebrated all across the world for years now, mainly because of the plenty of fun activities to do during this festival. And anyways, the whole idea of looking like something scary and visiting door to door, collecting candies is the sweetest paradox ever.

halloween night costumesHalloween is a festival that was originated in Samhain. It was celebrated as an ancient Celtic holiday, when people would take to the streets in costumes, lighting bonfires and warding off ghosts at a time when days grow shorter and nights grow longer. However it has now transitioned into a community-based fun event of trick-o-treating.

There are some things that will always be a benchmark of  the festival such as, carved pumpkins, witches, vampires, candies and…. COSTUMES!!

Isn’t it the best part to decide what you would be, what you want to look like this Halloween?!! ACM6813Whether to be a cute Korean animne character or a scary looking Frankenstein? Seems to be a question people generally think about… people generally opt for the latter, getting a chance to look pretty and yet dramatic to maintain the spirits of the festival. People, especially the ones who’d be in a Halloween themed party on Halloween night, want to look good and yet stunning or different from the usual. This is when Cosplay house steps in.

Providing you with the trendiest cosplay for Halloween, Cosplay house offers, a wide range of stunning, fashionable outfits to suit your preferences. Anime characters have always been a popular choice amongst youngsters who want to look like they’re just out of an anime series.

Dead or Alive 5 -- Marie Rose Shoes Version 01

Dead or Alive 5 — Marie Rose Shoes Version 01

Every child’s dream and desire is to be like his/her favorite character. Some buy video games, some comics, and some even get their hands on merchandises of their character, just to feel closer to their hero. Cosplay happens when this passion gets exploded and reaches its prime. It requires a lot of patience and dedication as well. People might not think you as sane but for cosplayers, passion has no limit! It fulfills the desire of fans to be like the character they love and admire, giving them a platform to act, dress, move and pose like them.

Pretty Cure Cosplay -- Midorikawa Nao Cosplay Shoes Version 01

Pretty Cure Cosplay — Midorikawa Nao Cosplay Shoes Version 01


It is a phenomenon that is being able to form a connection with people and form a ‘culture’. It has been catching headlines for being so uniquely entertaining. Cosplaying gives a chance to experiment new ideas and concepts, which otherwise you don’t get a chance to explore. It is very essential:

  • For getting away from the usual mundane life.
  • Adds excitement and sprinkle the essence of fun.
  • Great way to socialize with like-minded people.  
  • Self-express one self.

The role of Cosplay shoes is of certain vitality for the success of any cosplay. Another aspect to cosplay is cosplay photography. It helps to bring out your work to the world. So deciding on the right set of costumes and accessories is very crucial, as it will be in front of the world to see when you will be posing in various cosplay events and seminars. Thus, selection of suitable costume with apt shoes and accessories could help you highlight yourself and put you in the spotlight for the world to see. That is why taking the help of professional is advisable.

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Cosplay -- Sakura Cosplay Shoes Version 01

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Cosplay — Sakura Cosplay Shoes Version 01

This is where Cosplay House comes to the rescue. We have one of the best selections of cosplay accessories available so that you can buy great quality stuff, which helps you to easily get along with other cosplayers in any event or party. All products are made by keeping in mind the comfort and convenience of our valuable customer. You could easily get some of the hard to find authentic cosplay shoes and boots at our online store. Almost all major character’s boots and shoes are made by us, but if you need your own personal touch to it don’t worry, we can do that for you as well. We also provide custom made products on demand.

Cosplays are much more interesting to wear, and each cosplay is unique in its nature. Most people like to self express themseves and have fun. It helps them to add life and colours and cheer up their boring regular life. Cosplay is a ‘hobby’ and for some, it is a passion. These passionate fans can be seen in different seminars and various cosplay events. Many others also look for matching and most efficient Cosplay Costumes and Accessories available in the market. You can find a lot of variety in sizes and shapes with great online discounts. Don’t worry with quality of the fabric. You will definitely find something that will fit the bill!
Some people take cosplaying very casually, and these type of people only wear simple things such as a character’s wig with regular clothes, or some people just like to carry around certain accessories and props a character wears or uses. This way they support the series they are interested in, but solely for the fun or heck of it. Many people don’t know though, cosplaying is fun and all but it requires hours of hard work, and considerable amount of sewing, woodcraft, knitting, sculpting, metal working, painting, fabric dying, hair styling etc for getting your ‘look’ right. These type of people take cosplaying seriously, and tend to have elaborate costumes they have either purchased or, more often, made themselves.

You can make your costumes at home too, but for the people who do not possess that kind of sewing/crafting skills, they can easily find a costume suited for them by purchasing one online. The advantages are more if you order online from quality cosplay costume manufactures who often provide deep discounts. Furthermore, all the trouble from manufacturing and assembling to shipping and delivery, is bared by them.
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