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Dead or Alive is a fighting game well known for its advanced graphics for the time. It was released in 1996 in arcades. Tomonobu Itagaki has stated that he was dissatisfied with the way modern fighting games were presented, he missed the old arcade style of play and had another vision for the fighting game genre. Having worked for Tecmo for a long time, Itagaki was eventually given the opportunity to develop a fighting game. Dead or Alive was released in 1966 as an arcade game for the Japanese market. It has been a success in Japan, but not in the West. This was possibly because of the competing game Tekken, which was already a popular fighting game series for the PlayStation. When Dead or Alive came out it was much different than the other 3D fighting games that were coming out at the time. It was unique and had different choices in gameplay specifically the most defining features were the speed and countering system. Dead or Alive had a big emphasis on speed and had more simplistic commands and reaction times. Accordingly its countering system was the first in any fighting game that ever came out to counter differently to different types of attacks.

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