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CosplayKingdom Hearts costumes are custom made for you at! Imagine yourself as Sora wielding the Keyblade in combat against the terrible Heartless invaders or as Riku, Sora’s childhood friend, who eventually succumbs to darkness in the acclaimed series. Kingdom Hearts costumes are available for every Kingdom Hearts character at!

A real cosplay costume is made up of several important components including the colorful attire that covers the legs and torso. But the items that really set a proper cosplay costume apart from the rest are the shoes, wigs and accessories that really make a costume complete. For example, the Kingdom Hearts character, Kairi, often wears a simple short dress but is often seen in calf-high boots or oversized tennis shoes. These signature details are characteristic of several Kingdom Hearts costumes.


And while cosplay shoes are extremely important, Cosplayhouse doesn’t stop there. We can also provide cosplay wigs that are exact matches to many Kingdom Hearts characters. One such character, Pence, is a slightly plump boy who is usually only happy when he has food. Our Pence costume includes a cosplay wig that matches the boys spikey dark hair with the signature gray headband that distinguishes Pence from the rest of the Kingdom Hearts crowd.

Marluxia, another Kingdom Hearts character, is also called the “Graceful Assassin” and is the main adversary to Sora in many parts of the Kingdom Hearts series. Marluxia is tall and thin and somewhat resembles a female but is always seen in a long black overcoat with matching gloves and boots. However, Marluxia’s facial features are unique in that he has ice blue eyes and pale pink lips. Cosplayhouse can provide any of these cosmetic accessories such as the colored contact lenses and lipstick that will allow you to look exactly like Marluxia.

Cosplay props are also an important touch to our Kingdom Hearts costumes as many characters wield special weapons in the series. Of course, our weapon props are not dangerous but are made with wood and intricately detailed with safe materials that make each one look very real. One such Kingdom Hearts weapon prop is the Keyblade which was originally wielded by Riku but later by Sora as the Keyblade chooses its owner. Let Cosplayhouse make your special weapon prop for whichever cosplay costume you choose.

Kingdom Hearts costumes make up only a small part of our costume selection as you will find that we carry cosplay costumes for many different cosplay genre. So browse our site and contact us with any questions that you may have regarding cosplay costumes or cosplay in general. We love to talk about our passion! And don’t forget to check out our great ideas for Kingdom hearts Costumes.