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Cosplay is essentially about transforming yourself into a character you admire. This is the essence of cosplay outfits and accessories. They help to complete the transformation, making cosplay gaming more immersive. One of the most trending cosplay themes is Lolita. It is finding increasing popularity across Japan and the US. Within the niche of Lolita cosplay culture, Gothic Lolita is emerging as the global favorite. This is why online cosplay supplies vendors are finding a surge in demand for Gothic Lolita Boots and Punk Boots. In this short discussion, we will dig deeper into this Lolita cosplay sub-culture and share what type of costume choices can help you nail the Gothic Lolita look!

Sweet, Sassy or Rebellious: What is the actual Gothic Lolita look?

You should understand that Lolita is the primary cosplay theme here. Lolita cosplay is more about being innocent, young and vulnerable. The Gothic touch to Lolita Cosplay is essentially about mixing two absolute opposites. The true Gothic aura is dark, somewhat indifferent, with a penchant for unconventional things in life.

Unlike the usual, sweet Lolita, Gothic Lolita is more about a blend that is seldom seen in the world of cosplay. Perhaps, this is why Lolita Boots meant for getting the Gothic Lolita look right is grabbing serious attention this season. Gothic Lolita Boots when combined with typical Lolita costumes creates an unmatched aura. Add a few Gothic-themed accessories to the mix and you have a truly unique cosplay costume ensemble. We recommend choosing Gothic Lolita Boots in black or darker shades – this gels better with the Gothic theme rather than bright colors.

A trending entrant in this segment is Lolita Gothic Punk Boots – these are more ideal for those with slimmer leg silhouettes. When worn with stockings that finish just above the knees or when combined with jackets parasols and some Lolita hair accessories, the overall appeal is slightly playful, a bit serious and very unique—unlike anything expected from mainstream cosplay choices!

Some Tips to be the Perfect Gothic Lolita Cosplay Look

Apart from buying the right cosplay costume, you need to understand the essence of the disguised character. This helps you in selecting the most appropriate hairstyle, props, boots and other accessories that play a very important apart from donning the primary costume. This is why interacting with the cosplay community is very important. This can help you in making a more educated purchase. Don’t opt for fake, low-quality cosplay imitations.

Something like Gothic Lolita Punk Boots has very detailed styling attributes that only a genuine cosplay costumes and supplies provider can offer. Don’t opt for Lolita Boots that seem too animated – Gothic Lolita is about being a bit sober, not very lively. If you are a cosplay group, order something small before buying in bulk for testing the quality of the goods. This purchase will in turn give you insight about the pricing, shipping, delivery and customer service standards.

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People who love impersonating movie or anime characters with particular made accessories and costumes usually find costume plays a meaningful activity. These people love to express their lifestyles and personalities as it provides an easy escape from the reality. It brings a unique pleasure to these people in Cosplay culture.

The arrival of latex accessories for Cosplay brings a new life to the Anime industry. Latex accessories are an easy way to give a final touch to your Anime costume. They instantly make you feel sexy. Nowadays, the latex accessories revs up the overall anime look.

The market is filled with a bag full of anime latex accessories and Cosplay items. These includes gloves, stockings, rubber bands etc. Latex accessories help in completing your outfit. These gloves, rubber bands and stockings are made with attention to detailing using a vex clothing which gives a tight, slip on fit. Some of the popular latex accessories are Latex Cosplay — General Thigh High Stoc kings Version 01, Latex Cosplay — General Gloves Version 02 – short and Latex Cosplay — General Gloves Version 01. These accessories help in accentuating the overall look of the Cosplay character and making a fashion statement.

A Leading Online Destination for Cosplay Latex Accessories

Cosplayhouse contribute to all types of Cosplay items including latex accessories like gloves and stockings. It is one of the well-known online hubs when it comes to providing first-rate latex accessories and other Cosplay supplies. All the propositions like gloves, shoes, props, stockings and costumes are made with precision. All the products listed on Cosplayhouse is offered at competitive prices.

Lolita Boot 1

Lolita got several new connotations with the publication of Vladimir Nabokov’s novel in 1958. One of the most infamous yet celebrated novels of all times, Lolita still managed its way to reach audiences through operas, plays, Russian Broadways, and two full-length movies in the 20’s and later.

The heavy influence of Lolita, America’s sweetheart, over nymphets, contemporary fashion trends and the common pop culture was hard-to-ignore. Even today, Lolita is regarded as an iconic figure with an irresistible young charm and a feminine dressing style. People, especially young teens are quite inspired by her soft nuances and have tried imitating her in real life. All this has heavily impacted their dressing sense.

Out of all, the Lolita Boots are topping the charts! These boots always carry a unique look with characteristic bows and a wedge heel. Some of these Lolita boots are ankle-length; some are regular wedges. Generally, they feature either a buckle strap or a long lace-up enclosure. These designer boots are available in solid colors like pink, white, black, golden and dark green. Nowadays, they are also chosen in combinations of black & white, black & pink, and white & pink.

And if you’re planning to buy a pair of these gorgeous boots online, then turn on Cosplay House. All our shoes are made to specification, and thus can be customized to give a comfortable fit and a personalized feel. We take your exact dimensions at the time of purchase and provide you customized Lolita boots at the ease of your clicks. Besides Lolita boots, we also offer Lolita fashion, costumes in a plethora of designs and sizes.

Synthetic Wigs

If you have ever worn a synthetic wig, we are sure that you would have definitely struggled with those stubborn knots that are quite common in synthetic wigs. Detangling all those knots is a frustrating and cumbersome job. In this blog we are going to discuss why hair tangles usually happen in wigs and how to handle them.

Why is hair tangle more common in general wigs than natural hairs?

Tangling depends on the quality of the wig, i.e., how well a wig is made. It is important that all hair cuticles are aligned in the same direction. Otherwise hair tangles cannot be avoided. If the wig is processed with some chemical hair color, it is most likely to get hair tangles as well.

Any synthetic wig hairs will tangle more than your natural hairs because your scalp is constantly releasing natural oils that nourish the natural hairs and do not let them dry.

What should be your defense against wig tangling?

Using a proper shampoo and conditioner for your synthetic wig is very important. Use a mild shampoo and conditioner. Make sure it is sulfate-free and has a low pH value. Run your fingers through the hairs while washing and very gently rinse it. Do not wash your wig more than once a week.

How to comb your synthetic wig and tackle tangles?

Comb your wig when you apply conditioner. Rinse with water and let it dry for a while. Once the wig is dry, brush it again. We suggest you to use plastic brush: a boar-bristle brush will work well. If you are struggling with a hair knot start at the end of your hairs. If you begin from the top and go down, you are most likely to tangle the wig hairs even more.

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General-Wigs-Synthetic-Wigs-Neon-Blue-Medium-Wigs-000Cosplay is about creatively transforming yourself into a character you adore. One of the most integral parts of cosplay costumes is the Wigs. They define the character, bring out the real aura you seek as a part of your cosplay indulgence. However, the cosplay costume marketplace is somewhat unorganized. Many retailers are selling cosplay supplies and accessories, quoting themselves as specialists despite having very little knowledge about what the cosplay niche is about—here, we will bring clarity to one aspect of cosplay costuming, i.e. use of Synthetic Wigs. Please understand that we are not talking about general wigs here. This discussion is dedicated to the cause of Cosplay!

Understand the Basics of Cosplay Synthetic Wigs

We are not going to delve too deep into the argument about human hair wigs and synthetic wigs. Both of these options come with certain pros and cons. You should realize that human hair wigs are invariably expensive. They need more maintenance and you might find a lesser array of styling options among these. However, synthetic wigs help you get into the skin of the character. You get more choices since manufactured fibers can be easily transformed into different styles, colors, tones and overall visual effects. The first rule of buying synthetic wigs for cosplay is not approaching the cheaper, one-dollar stores. The stuff found there is usually sub-par and poses a threat to your skin, often causing rashes. High-quality artificial wigs last longer, come with lesser chances of harmful chemical residue and are easily available online.

Now, getting started with the trends in this niche of cosplay:

Trend 1 – Demand for Permanent Styling

Some cosplay enthusiasts are very particular about their choices. They want their wigs to be in perfect shape, up to the last strand. With real human hair wigs, this means elaborate preparation and after-care. With synthetic wigs, you get more versatility. Synthetic wigs are easier for permanent styling. The strand here have a greater probability of retaining their form when designed using basic cosplay wig accessories like wig clips. Twin tail synthetic wigs made a huge impact this year and the trend is still gaining momentum. Expect a lot of demand for permanently styled twin-tailed wigs.

Trend 2 – Buying Dermatologically Tested Wigs

One of the biggest issues with cheaper, sub-standard cosplay stuff is the lack of real-life testing. As a result, cosplay participants often complain about skin irritations, allergic reactions, rashes that don’t seem to go away, etc. The more established brands have come up with the idea of skin-tested cosplay costumes and supplies. This applies to the niche of synthetic wigs too. These wigs are extensively tested for their compatibility with human skin. Using advanced testing procedures, synthetic wigs are getting more real looking, pose no threat to your skin—ensure you buy wigs from an established brand where such standards are maintained.

Trend 3 – Demand for More Color Choices

From Naruto to Vampire Knight cosplayers, you are bound to hear about a common complaint, i.e. there is a lack of choices. The ideal color or style is often unavailable. This why in the last 2 years, synthetic wigs have carved a niche for themselves, largely due to their versatility in terms of being differently colored and textured. While natural hair wigs eventually fade, synthetic wigs retain their color. Also, cosplay supply manufacturers are using innovative methods to create a mind blowing array of color and styling options, fully away that synthetic fibers are easier to maneuver.

We recommend making an educated synthetic wig purchase. Don’t equate synthetic wigs with general wigs—these are two different niches. Be very sure about the online reputation of the store. Read into customer reviews. Before buying in huge volumes, order something small to test the overall quality. Your first buying experience will also give you insight about the delivery, pricing and customer care culture of the retailer. If you are ready to try, please consider Cosplayhouse – it comes across as a smartly managed online cosplay store. You get the assurance of quality and the best online prices.

The term Cosplay is short for ‘costume play’ which is basically the art of impersonating famous movie, cartoon, comic or television characters by wearing elaborate costumes and accessories just like them. Cosplayers present themselves as a specific character and act & behave in a manner similar to the chosen character. Cosplay traces its origins to Japan and therefore most of the characters are inspired from Japanese and East Asian media, including anime, graphic novels, manga, comic books and video games. Other inspirations include movies, fantasy music stories, Visual Kei and unique objects from cyberspace that are capable of creating a dramatic effect.

What is Needed for Successful Cosplay?

Cosplaying is more of a subculture where cosplayers reenact the scenes from their favorite series or invent likely behavior inspired by their chosen character. From the cosplay outfits to wigs, shoes and props attention is paid to the smallest detail so that there is no flaw during the time of performance. Let us highlight the most popular cosplay acts and their inherent characteristics:

  • Vocaloid Cosplay– The popular Japanese characters have become a rage among cosplayers and owing to their incessant charm, they are still popular even after the arrival of so many other cosplay characters. The most popular Vocaloids are Hatsune Miku (first Japanese vocaloid), Akaito, Hatsune Mikuo, Aoki Lapis and most of the cosplayers like to imitate these eccentric characters. You can find the vocaloid costumes and accessories at a reputed online store.

  • Naruto Cosplay– The famous Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto is a popular choice among cosplayers too. Naruto Uzumaki is the most loved Ninja and cosplay enthusiasts frequently don his avatar complete with Naruto shoes and accessories.

  • Anime Cosplay– Animated Japanese characters with their eccentric costumes and eclectic charm are trending in the cosplay world, even in the West. Whether it is Tsukasa, Itsuki Minami, or Kurumi, each character has its own charm and a distinct look. If you are trying to impersonate an anime character, make sure that you have everything from the outfit, to wigs and props like wands just perfect for your anime cosplay.

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