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Vocaloid -- Hatsune Miku cosplay Costume Version 15

Vocaloid is so charming and lively that they have not faded away even after the arrival of so many other attractive characters. The most popular Vocaloids are Hatsune Miku (first Japanese Vocaloid), Akaito, Hatsune Mikuo, Aoki Lapis and these are the characters which are mostly imitated by cosplayers. If the question of how to prepare for Vocaloid Cosplay is stopping you from participating in your cherished event, then this conversation is going to guide you well in easy steps. So let’s begin:

  • Step1. Finalize the Character in your mind:

At first, draw an idea about which character out of Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Len, Kagamine Rin, Shion Kaito, Sakine Meiko, and Megurine Luka will suit you the best and then choose the one your mind pushes you to be. On the other hand, you can also make up your own Vocaloid character, but he/she should be super ‘Sugoi’.

  • Step2. Have Your Haircut Like Your Character:

To get into the avatar of your favorite Vocaloid getting a haircut similar to that character is a sensible option. A lot of them have very peculiar hairstyles while some like Rin and Meiku have comparatively common hairstyles. You can try Vocaloid Cosplay wigs to give your hair a tremendous look!

  • Step3. Sing Like A Robot Does:

Vocaloids sing like robots, practice well by trying auto-tuning your voice and then try mimicking it.

  • Step4. Practice Using Japanese Phrases In Your Speech:

You can use some popular phrases like Kawaii, Baka, Sugoi, Watashi WA in your speech or you can practice more using translators.

  • Step5. Wear the right Vocaloid Cosplay Costume:

If you are going to be like ‘Miku’ then wear a black skirt and a gray shirt with a light blue colored tie and you can wear them more often to get into the mindset. On the day of your participation, dress yourself in real Vocaloid costumes to portray yourself in the best way.

  • Step6. Learn to dance like Vocaloids:

Remember that if you really want to make people convinced that you are real then you should dance really well. Start practicing with easier ones like the Lucky Star, Hare Hare Yukai and Gangam style.

  • Step7. Start acting like the vocaloid personality:

You should not stop acting like your vocaloid personality until the difference between the chosen character and your own personality fades away completely.

  • Step8. In anime convention don’t stop pretending even for a while:

So here comes the last step. On the participation day, wear the exact costume like your Vocaloid and sing well and try to dance with the flow. Don’t reveal your real name and make them to wonder who you really are!

Cosplays teach us that there are no limits to our fantasies. Yes, you have every reason to be enthusiastic about Vocaloid Cosplay. While buying wigs, costumes and other accessories go for reputed sellers like Cosplayhouse so that you do not miss any chance to leave a flaw in your performance.