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General Wigs -- Synthetic Wigs - Light Pink Long WigsCostume play commonly known by the name “Cosplay” is a character driven Art which derives its inspiration from different characters from cartoons, movies and television that are popular in the mainstream media. People use colorful costumes, props, wigs and Cosplay accessories to play their favorite characters. While cosplaying it is important that everything should be perfect right from your hairs to your shoes. It is imperative to wear the right kind of wig that should also be given the right kind of care. The Cosplay wig that you are using should go along with your costume. We are here to give you some essential tips how to use, care and rightly preserve your wig.

How to carry a Cosplay Wig with elegance?

Whenever you are about to wear a Cosplay Wig, make sure that the front and the back of the wig should be at the right position. While slipping the wig on your head make sure that it completely covers your hairline and end towards the neck. The wig should be comfortably adjusted on your head and should not be too tight. If you are not too comfortable with the wig, you can use Velcro tabs for adjustment.

How to wash and style Cosplay wig?

In order to properly maintain your wig you should get a separate wig brush for your wig. You can shampoo your wig with cold water and gently wash it. Make sure that you rinse your Cosplay wig gently and do not rub it rigorously while washing. Do not use hair dryer on your wig as it may deteriorate the quality of the wig hairs.

To get the right kind of styling for your wig hairs, liquid mousse is the only right product to be used which gives you curly or wavy styles with precision. For straight hairs, gently brush your wig.