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Lolita got several new connotations with the publication of Vladimir Nabokov’s novel in 1958. One of the most infamous yet celebrated novels of all times, Lolita still managed its way to reach audiences through operas, plays, Russian Broadways, and two full-length movies in the 20’s and later.

The heavy influence of Lolita, America’s sweetheart, over nymphets, contemporary fashion trends and the common pop culture was hard-to-ignore. Even today, Lolita is regarded as an iconic figure with an irresistible young charm and a feminine dressing style. People, especially young teens are quite inspired by her soft nuances and have tried imitating her in real life. All this has heavily impacted their dressing sense.

Out of all, the Lolita Boots are topping the charts! These boots always carry a unique look with characteristic bows and a wedge heel. Some of these Lolita boots are ankle-length; some are regular wedges. Generally, they feature either a buckle strap or a long lace-up enclosure. These designer boots are available in solid colors like pink, white, black, golden and dark green. Nowadays, they are also chosen in combinations of black & white, black & pink, and white & pink.

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