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new-yearPeople welcome New Year by throwing happening and exciting parties. Every year you invite your friends, cook food, dance on the latest tracks and that’s how you end your year. Don’t you think a New Year deserves a special start? Yes! It does. You don’t need a New Year resolution to begin your year with, rather you need a theme based party to take your excitement to another level, -especially when there are lots of New Year Offers available at the Cosplay House.

Cosplay House- One House for Theme Based Props

No theme based party is complete without the beautiful costumes, multi colored wigs and differently styled shoes. Cosplay House – an online shop located in Southern California, offers everything from costumes, shoes, wigs, props, and much more. And the beautiful Cosplay House costumes and accessories are there to convert your boring and usual New Year party into a new theme based world of your favorite cartoon character, fairy tale princess and much more with its New Year offer.

Signature Series Costumes

Just because you are not a teenager anymore or just because your college life is over that does not mean that you cannot have fun. Theme based party always offer a good time and we at Cosplay House offers a variety of beautiful costumes which become an important part of your good times. We understand the value of a New Year party and want you to cherish the great moments of your party. Cosplay House is offering 30% off on all signature series costume so that you can flaunt the look that you always wanted!

  • Disney Cosplay- Which Disney princess story you used to hear from your grandmother before going to sleep? Cinderella? Snow White? Little Mermaid? Sleeping Beauty? Well, you can become your favorite princess and can fulfill all your fantasies. Get the beautiful princess gown from Cosplay House before entering your fairyland.

  • Power Ranger Cosplay- Huge fan of power ranger superheroes? Then be one and pick up your super hero costume and this time save the party from turning into a boring one.

  • Pokémon Cosplay- All that plays on your T.V whole day long is Pokémon? New year is the perfect time to bring Pokémon’s characters live. Arrange a Pokémon theme party and choose the best outfit for yourself from Cosplay.

  • Marvel Comics Cosplay– Are Marvel Comics all over your study table? Be the next Captain America, Black Panther or Miss Marvel and get all these characters out of the comic.

Apart from theme based costumes, Cosplay has a lot more to add fun to your theme parties. Go through the website and have a look at all the theme based costumes which we offer.

Cosplay Character Wigs and Cosplay Shoes

Wigs and shoes are the only accessory to complete your theme based look. Cosplay is offering 20% discount on all the wigs and shoes which can completely transform your look to the character you want to be. Dress like a ghost, a princess, a comic character or a superhero, Cosplay has a wig and a shoe to go with each dress so that you look exactly like your favorite character.