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My nick name is Master rosh manager at the
I’m sure many people could design and making cosplay costumes. But, I dale you, our tailor teams are
the best in class to assist you far as costumes related.

If you are looking for halloween style low budget cosplay costume, made by factory production,
our shop is not for you. Our costumes are High medium quality next to theather play customes.. “made to order”. tailor shop.
We intent to make your needs with passion and love, most realistic possible. And, best possible way to help you to
express what you and your cosplay teams want to be… found in year 2005 with window of opportunity to help some of sick anime otakus in the world
for there proffesinal cosplay costume needs. Due to the increase number of costume making request out side of shibuya japan.
We now serving all around the world with help of the internet.

Order to provide better costomer service, we now have branch office in U.S.A (no walking costomer please)
feel free to contact us if any question. We are very flexible to accommodate to your needs!

Order Process

when your order has been placed with my shop then, say… your money is in our bank account.

1. our team will start review the character , title and planning the costume making along with design pattern.

2. our team will carefully prepare metarial together.

But, some times if fablic is not available from fabric suppliers then I have to use something similar to the original, most likely it wound not happen but, it happend sometimes.

So just let you know that fabric and pattern will be change without notice…basically we can only work with what we got at the best at the time capish?

3. Cutting, sawing, glueing, ripping, hammering and such such, to complite your request.

4. It does not take more then a day or two to make costumes but, reviewing and preparing metarial could take few days to a weeks.

please try not to rush your order unless it is life and death cituation.

Normal order takes about 5 – 20 working days of making and 4-7 working days for shipping.

So you are looking at 10 – 25 working days for your orders to be arrived at your door.

if it is commission request, it may take little longer to make, making something for first time takes little
longer. please understand.

5. Remember, we can make and provide best looks of your charecter cosplay costumes.wigs,shoes,props and
everything else related to your costume request but, rest of detailings such as hair styling, face make up,extra detailing,light alterations such as extra details
or and is something that you need to work on your self.

And please prepare your cosplay order ahead a time.
last minute preperation does not make you what you want to express…

Cosplay is not all about replica of some character customes but, fun to look at , how to express character’s behaivier
and charecterlistic motion has to combine with the final conclusion of one shot of picture. that’s what I think…

6. Good luck guys, I will do my best to serve you. we are

10054 Alondra Blvd #203

Bellflower, CA 90706 U.S.A

Phone: 323-345-5892

Fax: 562-925-6463


Our Office hours are 9AM – 6PM Pacific Stander Time Zone Monday – Friday

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