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Guilty Gear Costume section of our offer many different viriety.

first, we have 3 different Guilty Gear Costume series to choose from. such as “Guilty Gear”,”Guilty Gear XX”, and Guilty Gear Slash. and with in this series, Our website offers Guilty Gear Shoes,Guilty Gear Wigs and Guilty Gear Props. Please check our Guilty Gear Costume section for more Detail.

Guilty Gear — Jam Kuradoberi Cosplay Costume

Jam Kuradoberi is a master chef, and longs to create her own restaurant, but lacks the means to do so. She seems to have terrible luck in this endeavor even once she gets it off the ground. She’s a fairly docile character, and also relatively unimportant during the beginning arches of the storyline. However, during XX, Jam’s ability to wield Ki becomes a very notable aspect. She can be described as a bit of a flirt, as she has hit on both Bridget and Ky in her story.

Guilty Gear — Ky Kiske Cosplay Costume

Ky Kiske is one of the popular Guilty Gear Costume that people order. we Try to make this costume original as possible. as you can see from the additional pictures this costume include Overcoat + Cape + Pants + Shoe Covers + Wrist Pads + Gloves + Other Accessories like arm cover.

Guilty Gear — Sol Badguy Version 1 Cosplay Costume

Sol Badguy is most popular costume among Guilty Gear series. Picture did not come out well as I expected but, out come of this Guilty Gear Costume is really well made. it can be little complicate to wear this costume cause there are many belt so you need to put effort.

Guilty Gear — Sol Badguy Version 2 Cosplay Costume

this is second version of SolBad guy, difference is this is with cape.

and there is commission request of Guilty Gear — Valentine Cosplay Costumes by customer name Noonan. we have not made this costume yet, but it is very complex Design and will take alot of time to complete this costume. anything has to do with alot of detail is time consuming, and to find right part of merarial to find on the market is another headach.

Guilty Gear XX — I-No Cosplay Costumes

I love this character. she is one of my favorite Guilty Gear Costume. we made this costume before, but I don’t know what happen to it. sometimes we are too busy to just ship them out. oh well… we are costume Designer not photographer… if I find the picture I will load it up.

if you can’t find character costumes that you want? that mean we have not made that particular costume before but, if you upload your pictures on “Commission Request” section of our¬†website, we will be glad give you qoutation for you.

over all Guilty Gear Costume has very fun and unique quality, Try
Guilty Gear Costume.