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Cosplay ShoesIf you are perplexed about choosing a Cosplay character that you can play the best then reading this blog will definitely help you get rid of your confusion. Here we are suggesting 5 interesting characters that you might consider before going to participate in a Cosplay event. The costumes of characters we have presented here are stylish and cozy that you can pair with the best Cosplay shoes to complete your look.

  • Marvel Characters: The characters from Marvel movies are fascinating and these characters are extremely popular. Characters like Daredevil, Thor, Captain America, Deadpool, Black Widow, Carol Danvers Jean Gray, Loki are the favorite ones among people and you can easily indulge in these characters due to their peculiar dressing styles. Pair your outfit with Cosplay character shoes and you are good to go!
  • Alice in the Country Hearts: Alice in the Country Hearts, the female oriented Japanese Romance, adventure visual novel and the gaming version is quite popular among the Cosplay lovers. You might like the chic apparels of these characters viz. Peter White, Elliot March, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, Boris Airay etc.
  • Vocaloid Cosplay Characters: The Vocaloid characters are chic and stylish in their look and mostly preferred by female cosplayers. The very popular ones are Hatsune Miku, Kaito, Kaiko, Kamui Gakupo, Meiko Sakine and so on.
  • The Dragon Ball Z: The Dragon Ball Z characters are just perfect for participating in anime Cosplay. The People often embrace these characters for Cosplaying as the characters give liberty to the participants to dress fancy attires, Cosplay character shoes and act peculiar maneuvers. The characters are Goku, Vegeta, Freeza, Son Goten, Chi-Chi etc. and are ideal for Herculean men.
  • Tekken Characters: The characters from Tekken video games are also quite popular that you would never mind trying them. You can choose an interesting role from these popular characters like Jin Kazama, Bryan Fury, Anna Williams and Yoshimitsu.

Don’t Forget To Wear Matching Shoes

While you are concentrating upon the costumes you must not forget to arrange the proper matching Cosplay shoes. For instance, you will not be the true “Captain America” unless you wear his boots. So, buying the proper shoes is vital. You can get the Cosplay shoes for these particular characters online from Cosplyhouse as it is one of the biggest online retailers of made to order cosplay costumes and accessories.


Naruto Cosplay CostumesGet transformed into a Naruto for the upcoming Naruto Cosplay event and impress everyone with offbeat Naruto accessories and Naruto inspired look. Getting the quirky and the attention grabbing look for the event might be a demanding task, but not anymore as you can go out and grab the eyeballs with Naruto Cosplay costumes. Go through the entire article to get best styling tips on correctly using the props as they can assist you to achieve the desired look.

Outfit: Get into the Skin of your Favorite Naruto

Get dressed in your favorite anime Naruto character by getting into its skin or costume, to be more specific! One reason behind the popularity of the anime series is their highly styled characters, therefore it’s essential to wear the right outfit while imitating the look to do justice to your character.

Makeup: To add fine details and Signature Strokes to Styling

If you are a perfectionist then add more details to your look with makeup. Make up can enhance the look to a great extent and can eliminate the difference between the actual character and you. With face make up and Naruto Cosplay wigs you can acquire the exact Naruto aura. Add funky spikes and wigs in multiple bright colors such as electric blue, green and violet as they can well complement your overall attire.

Must-Have Naruto Accessories

Naruto shoes are of high significance as they are the signature element through which one can recognize the look. One cannot afford to miss out on Naruto Cosplay boots. The Naruto footwear is highly stylish and you can team it up with any color outfit. You can also opt for overcoats to intensify the look. All the Naruto inspired outfits and accessories are available in quirky prints and bright colors, which is the essence of Naruto styling.

One more thing can give you the desired look and that is Naruto headbands. Step out in style and confidence with a Naruto headband. Buy the right attire to turn on the Naruto mode. So, if you are heading for Naruto Cosplay, and desire to leave a bold impression on the people out there, then dress up and behave like a real Naruto.

new-yearPeople welcome New Year by throwing happening and exciting parties. Every year you invite your friends, cook food, dance on the latest tracks and that’s how you end your year. Don’t you think a New Year deserves a special start? Yes! It does. You don’t need a New Year resolution to begin your year with, rather you need a theme based party to take your excitement to another level, -especially when there are lots of New Year Offers available at the Cosplay House.

Cosplay House- One House for Theme Based Props

No theme based party is complete without the beautiful costumes, multi colored wigs and differently styled shoes. Cosplay House – an online shop located in Southern California, offers everything from costumes, shoes, wigs, props, and much more. And the beautiful Cosplay House costumes and accessories are there to convert your boring and usual New Year party into a new theme based world of your favorite cartoon character, fairy tale princess and much more with its New Year offer.

Signature Series Costumes

Just because you are not a teenager anymore or just because your college life is over that does not mean that you cannot have fun. Theme based party always offer a good time and we at Cosplay House offers a variety of beautiful costumes which become an important part of your good times. We understand the value of a New Year party and want you to cherish the great moments of your party. Cosplay House is offering 30% off on all signature series costume so that you can flaunt the look that you always wanted!

  • Disney Cosplay- Which Disney princess story you used to hear from your grandmother before going to sleep? Cinderella? Snow White? Little Mermaid? Sleeping Beauty? Well, you can become your favorite princess and can fulfill all your fantasies. Get the beautiful princess gown from Cosplay House before entering your fairyland.

  • Power Ranger Cosplay- Huge fan of power ranger superheroes? Then be one and pick up your super hero costume and this time save the party from turning into a boring one.

  • Pokémon Cosplay- All that plays on your T.V whole day long is Pokémon? New year is the perfect time to bring Pokémon’s characters live. Arrange a Pokémon theme party and choose the best outfit for yourself from Cosplay.

  • Marvel Comics Cosplay– Are Marvel Comics all over your study table? Be the next Captain America, Black Panther or Miss Marvel and get all these characters out of the comic.

Apart from theme based costumes, Cosplay has a lot more to add fun to your theme parties. Go through the website and have a look at all the theme based costumes which we offer.

Cosplay Character Wigs and Cosplay Shoes

Wigs and shoes are the only accessory to complete your theme based look. Cosplay is offering 20% discount on all the wigs and shoes which can completely transform your look to the character you want to be. Dress like a ghost, a princess, a comic character or a superhero, Cosplay has a wig and a shoe to go with each dress so that you look exactly like your favorite character.

cosplay bootsThe term “Cosplay” is a Japanese combination of the two words that are costume and role-play created by Nobuyuki Takahashi from Studio Hard who attended the 1984 World Science Fiction Convention in Los Angeles. He was thoroughly overwhelmed by the costumes worn by the fans and thus formed the term.

Best in style Cosplay Boots

The boots vary from simple to highly detailed ones according to the customers’ need. Cosplay Boots play an important role in the world of Cosplaying. It puts forth great style and the character which is being enacted, available in all colors and sizes. The boots enhance the overall costume worn by the character. Generally the Cosplay House costumes are different from Halloween and are worn to reflect or replicate the characters in comics or movies or may be in video games. Read More

Dynasty Warriors 8 -- Jia Chong Cosplay Shoes Version 01

Dynasty Warriors 8 — Jia Chong Cosplay Shoes Version 01

Cosplay is the outcome of the combination of two different words, costume and play. It is a form where people, called Cosplayers, wear costumes to portray different characters or themes. Individuals or ideas from real life, movies, cartoons, video games, rock or pop bands, comics, and other fictional characters are usually chosen to be represented as the subject. In fact, there are Cosplayers who create characters from their own imagination, marking them as their original entry.

Understanding the Cosplay Phenomenon
There are different reasons for different Cosplayers to justify their choice of characters; it might be their tribute, or the joy of being in the limelight for playing a certain character, or the creativity involved. Posting their acts on different social media sites gives them recognition.

As the pressure to do well in the professional life is getting too hard, Cosplay has been chosen by many professionals as a means of enjoyment and to get relieved of stress. Cosplay has been practiced around the world for several decades now. Cosplay brings alive the characters, ideas or stories providing with knowledge as well as entertainment. Cosplayers put on the costumes and start the play, and during the entire act they live that entity.

Arrival and the Surge of Cosplay Culture
Cosplay is not just an art; it is a bridge to connect with others. The real fun of doing a Cosplay is experienced when you do it with the required props along with the costumes as they complement each other. From Cosplay wigs to Cosplay shoes, every little detail matters. A right pair of Cosplay shoes can add a lot of color and thrill to your play. You might be a good actor inside the costume, but still there is a need for the right kind of apparel as it brings realness in your act. The Cosplay shoes are one such commodity that cannot be ignored as they form a very important part of the whole act. Cosplay shoes are available in abundance in the market.

The Personal Cosplay Journey So Far
During my first Cosplay performance, I was very conscious about my costumes and other accessories. I wanted the best of costumes and shoes. After searching the web for hours, I finally found a great website, that offered all the things I required. Since then, Cosplayhouse has been my preference whenever I have to take part in a Cosplay.

Always Know Where to Shop for Cosplay Ensembles & Accessories
From new arrivals to exclusive offers, Cosplay House presents their products in a very creative way. Pick any character and you will get the dedicated Cosplay shoes ready. An interesting thing that I observed about them is that they only sell what is tailor-made. I think it’s a major advantage for people like me as we can place orders according to our personalized measurements and requirements.