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ACC3705Wearing a proper outfit according to the occasion serves as a necessary requirement. Most of the buyers are lured by the way an outfit looks instead of the materials used in its making. Christmas brings with itself festivity and joy and therefore to make the most of this festival, it is imperative to wear an appropriate costume that can last for years to come as well looks stylish.

The outfits that incorporate the blend of polyester and cotton are likely to last longer and provide comfort to the user. The Christmas Cosplay Costumes are made using durable materials and are available in a variety of necklines as well as sizes, whether in short length, such as tunics and long length in the form of gowns, depending upon your convenience.

ACC3708There are numerous online stores that offer Christmas costumes that are very appealing as well as very cheap. However, they may disappoint you in matters of fitting and their use for years to come. The cosplay Christmas costumes are ahead of their competitors in quality as well as designs. Cosplay Christmas costumes are made in consonance with the attest trends in fashion and provide a proper fit to the user. Keep in mind that even the slightest variation is easy to see from a naked eye. Christmas is a special occasion that requires special outfit that will enable you to live the most of this occasion and make memories that are worth cherishing.


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The season of Halloween is on the verge of end, but the season of costumes isn’t. We’re very close to Christmas and Christmas costumes are making people go all crazy about the festive season. Santa, his reindeers, snowman, elves are coming to our site on a huge cariole of a wide variety of costumes. CosplayHouse has introduced a signature series which are mass-produced. Cosplay House is exclusively giving 30% off on Winter Sale.

Cosplay House Costumes:
Christmas-santa-cosplay-costume-03-005Cosplay House is an online Shop house in Southern California selling around 9000 products for animated cartoon characters to movie characters.

Cosplay costumes are hand-made and are not manufactured in bulk. Costumes are tailor-made and made as per the orders received upon the measurements provided by the customers. Our costumes ensures your festival be super fun and memories to be cherished. The costumes are available in different versions in a wide variety for different choices.

Winter Sale:
Christmas Costumes , Cosplay Christmas Costumes Winter sale up to 30% is on for the Santa Cosplay Costume Versions. 15 trendy and colorful Santa costume versions are available for every taste. The costumes we design are stylish, funky; designed according to the taste of modern customers who love to experiment with their looks. A number of varieties are available in different styles. The costumes are trendy, fresh and modernized, giving you the real Santa look and add a charm to the Christmas parties and get-togethers.

At Cosplay House, we ensure:

  • Protects the privacy of customers.
  • Payment methods applicable: Credit cards, PayPal, Money Orders(only for domestic users)
  • Processing time for costumes: 3-5 weeks on an average
  • The delivery is available within 2-3 days for the domestic customers and 6-10 days for the orders from international customers from the date of shipping.
  • 30% off on Signature Series costumes.
Dead or Alive 5 -- Marie Rose Shoes Version 01

Dead or Alive 5 — Marie Rose Shoes Version 01

Every child’s dream and desire is to be like his/her favorite character. Some buy video games, some comics, and some even get their hands on merchandises of their character, just to feel closer to their hero. Cosplay happens when this passion gets exploded and reaches its prime. It requires a lot of patience and dedication as well. People might not think you as sane but for cosplayers, passion has no limit! It fulfills the desire of fans to be like the character they love and admire, giving them a platform to act, dress, move and pose like them.

Pretty Cure Cosplay -- Midorikawa Nao Cosplay Shoes Version 01

Pretty Cure Cosplay — Midorikawa Nao Cosplay Shoes Version 01


It is a phenomenon that is being able to form a connection with people and form a ‘culture’. It has been catching headlines for being so uniquely entertaining. Cosplaying gives a chance to experiment new ideas and concepts, which otherwise you don’t get a chance to explore. It is very essential:

  • For getting away from the usual mundane life.
  • Adds excitement and sprinkle the essence of fun.
  • Great way to socialize with like-minded people.  
  • Self-express one self.

The role of Cosplay shoes is of certain vitality for the success of any cosplay. Another aspect to cosplay is cosplay photography. It helps to bring out your work to the world. So deciding on the right set of costumes and accessories is very crucial, as it will be in front of the world to see when you will be posing in various cosplay events and seminars. Thus, selection of suitable costume with apt shoes and accessories could help you highlight yourself and put you in the spotlight for the world to see. That is why taking the help of professional is advisable.

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Cosplay -- Sakura Cosplay Shoes Version 01

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Cosplay — Sakura Cosplay Shoes Version 01

This is where Cosplay House comes to the rescue. We have one of the best selections of cosplay accessories available so that you can buy great quality stuff, which helps you to easily get along with other cosplayers in any event or party. All products are made by keeping in mind the comfort and convenience of our valuable customer. You could easily get some of the hard to find authentic cosplay shoes and boots at our online store. Almost all major character’s boots and shoes are made by us, but if you need your own personal touch to it don’t worry, we can do that for you as well. We also provide custom made products on demand.