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CosplayOur Sailor Moon Costume inventory features cosplay costumes for many Sailor Moon characters including: Ami Mizuno, Aino Minako, Chibiusa, Usagi Tsukino and many more. Attend your very next cosplay event in one of our many different custom versions of the Sailor Moon Costume. Handcrafted and custom tailored to your specifications and size, all of our cosplay costumes will make you the envy of all cosplayers and the Sailor Moon Costume is no exception!

Sailor Moon is the central character in the manga series of the same name. Sailor Moon’s real name is Usagi Tsukino and she is the leader of the Sailor Senshi, the manga’s primary group of heroines. The Sailor Moon manga is widely popular across the entire world and Usagi Tsukino has become anime’s most recognizable character.

CosplayThe series began with Usagi Tsukino as a young student in Tokyo, Japan who prefers to live as a normal teenage youth as opposed to defending the world from evil as a super-heroine. On her way to school one day, Usagi witnesses some troublemakers teasing a cat. Usagi rescues the cat which later turns out to be a talking cat that goes by the name of Luna. Luna gives Usagi a magical brooch that allows her to transform into Sailor Moon and encourages her to champion the unfortunate and downtrodden all over the world. Luna also charges Usagi with finding more like herself in order that she would have help during her epic battles with evil.

Usagi does not use any of her special powers while in her normal form but when she wears the brooch given to her by Luna she transforms into a Sailor Senshi after shouting the command “Moon Prism Power, Make-up!”. Many of Sailor Moon’s transformations cause pink and red ribbons to come out of her brooch to form the Sailor Moon Costume. When she transforms back to Usagi, the ribbons reappear and unwrap from her body and go back into the brooch.

Sailor Moon, being the main character, also has the most fantastic special powers in the manga series including the Sailor Moon kick, the Sailor Moon Body Attack and an attack with her colorful hair pins and magicl tiara. Most of Sailor Moon’s special attacks, however, are magical beam attacks that decimate her enemies and capture the forces of evil in binding snares.

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